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Blueberry Pancakes


Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes, Flap Jacks or Crepes, no matter how you make them, they’re a delicious way to start your day. Our pancakes are full of the nutrients and protein you need for the most important start of your day….breakfast.

Our pancakes are the lighten version of the traditional flour version of your favourites. The base is protein which keeps you in ketosis, stabilising blood sugar and targeting fat as your primary energy source.

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Calories 90 | Protein 15g | Fat 0.5 g

Instructions: To make the blueberry pancakes, pour 1.7 oz of water over packet contents into a bowl and stir until dissolved. Pour onto a preheated non-stick griddle on low and flip once air bubbles are formed near the centre. Allow 2 minutes on each side.

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