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Core Fit Pilates Retreat 2023

HomeCore Fit Pilates Retreat 2023

By selecting the checkbox on the booking page, I agree to the following terms and conditions associated with this event:

  1. I will arrive no more than fifteen minutes prior to the start of the event time published on the booking page.
  2. I will vacate the premises no more than fifteen minutes after the event closing time published on the booking page.
  3. I will refrain from creating loud or boisterous sounds which could disturb the hotel spa and other guests and/or participants.
  4. I will not occupy any other part of the premises apart from the designated area where the class will be held, the Ocean Spa Deck aka Peter’s Point.
  5. If I enter any other part of the hotel premises I agree to pay the entrance fees associated with the hotel policies.
  6. I agree to reserve no less than one week in advance for Bungalow Beach access and pay US$15 for my entrance, abide by all hotel rules and policies and do not hold the hotel or its subsidiaries liable for any of my personal belongings or safety. My beach access will only be granted for that day, after the class is completed.
  7. If I am not pre-booked for beach access one week in advance of the event, I understand that this does not guarantee me the right to enter the property and use the beach, as is advertised for this event.
  8. I agree to follow all hotel rules and policies so long as I am allowed access to the property by way of this class.
  9. I waive all liability for any claim made from or associated with my participation in this class/event from the Jamaica Inn Hotel and Core Fitness Studios 2020 Ltd also Core Fit Foods LLC.
  10. I agree that my participation and entrance into the hotel premises is solely at my own risk and I am responsible for any associated injury or loss resulting from my entrance into the premises and/or class participation.
  11. I understand that my participation in this class does not allow me permission to enter into the hotel main resort unless I am a registered guest.