We provide over 50 varieties of delicious protein foods ranging from nutritious shakes, delicious meal replacement entrees, bars and chips, all of which are portion and calorie controlled to help you reach your goal weight. Our simple programme is a proven pathway to cause fat loss.

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Guide To Core Fit Foods

Easy How To Guide!

Watch how easy it is to do the Core Fit Foods diet plan. With over 50 variety of foods, losing up to 15lbs* has never been so easy!

How Core Fit Works

We provide the coaching, food, recipes and the structure to cut your appetite and cravings, increase your energy and make your weight loss goals a reality. Follow the steps below to kick start your weight loss journey with Core Fit Foods.

Pick Your Breakfast

Oats, pancakes, shakes or beverages, we have a great selection of breakfast options for you.


Pick Your Snack

Our snacks range from bars, chips and beverages. These are great SOS treats or a meal replacement.


Pick Your Lunch

Think pasta, lentils, soups or shakes. We have you covered with the variety of options on offer in our plans.


Make Your Dinner

We provide recipes & where you can eat out in Jamaica to ensure you eat the right calorie & protein controlled meals.

**Results may vary from one individual to the next.
Our proven results are based on the data provided from over 1,000 past clients.