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Christmas Holiday Tips

Like most people, I allow myself a little overindulgence over the holidays.

A one off brush with the big slice of rum cake and a splash of sorrel does not generally have a long-term impact on body weight, fat mess or metabolism. Good news!

For those of you who have plans for multiple events, it is important to map out before hand which of these you will choose to move into caloric overdraft.

Having a plan makes a difference! Having no plan is a recipe for disappointment. It is very easy to let one event turn into a series of over indulgences and the excess calories quickly add up.

To tame your sweet tooth we recommend our delicious wafers, bars and shakes. These will help to curb your appetite, give your cravings a treat without the guilt. One day on the Core Fit Foods diet dropped in between events is a great way to keep the balance over the holidays.

What you will need, is one week of products on the Core Fit Foods plan.
This will give you 7 SOS days to stay afloat of your weight over Christmas.

Take a starting weight, decide on your events in your calendar and maintain your happy zone on all fronts over the season.

Cheers to your best head and body

Christmas Day Tips

  • Ham (lean only) up to 6 ounces
  • Turkey (light meat no skin)
  • Use an 80-20 calculator for your plate with 80% consisting of vegetables and 20% lean protein
  • Cut back on drinking calories if you prefer to eat them and vice versa
  • Indulge in one of our rich delicious protein bars or wafers and pass on the cake and pie

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