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Thermogenic Antioxidant Berry Flavour Drink


Fire Up your Fat Burning Potential with a high caffeine content per sachet (90 mg)

  • Burn fat with this thermogenic antioxidant juice drink.
  • With only 12 cal per serving it also will cut your appetite.
  • Packed with antioxidants, you will not believe how well this little product curbs your appetite, you will not remember to eat!

Thermogenic Instant Fat Burner drinks have over 10 different antioxidants in them. Caffeine + antioxidants cause a reduction in appetite by stimulating lipolysis. Rich in omegas these energy boosters lower cholesterol and curb hunger by turning your body into a keto fat burning machine. When your body turns to its own fat storage for fuel, the limits to available energy are endless, the metabolic rate is firing at peak levels and you will never have the feverish urge to snack on rich foods for that pick me up again.

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Calories 11  | Carbs 4g | Sugar 0g |
14 x  in each box

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