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The process of weight loss is a series of choices made over a period of time that results in less calories taken in. This causes your body to draw energy from stored fat as its residual fuel source. This must be a repetitive process in order to give you measurable results. The idea of repetition is something that is used in education from very early childhood right up to adulthood, into our old age. Our brains and bodies respond to repetition, and adapt accordingly.


While you may not be feeling this simplistic version of abstaining from the foods you love, and it certainly is not as easy as it sounds, you can appreciate that from your body’s point of view it does make sense and really is just that simple. While you in your head may agonize over passing on the lasagna as you sit at a table with friends and family who are spooning it up by the casserole sized portion, your body is simply acknowledging what you give it, and what you are asking it to do.
If you can begin to intuit that you and your body are always having a private conversation, you can begin to leverage your position with your body’s responses and improve your relationship with it.

The one small step at a time formula of any one or combination of the simple deft following of weight loss rules, which are:

The programme of eating on time
Small portions
Less fat and calories in
More water more regularly
More fiber

Before you realize what is happening, your body has adapted to a state of hydration that is a new normal, you will start to notice how thirsty you feel and the choice to drink more water will become involuntary. As you begin to eat more often you will begin to notice that portions which you used to eat, are a thing of the past as your body will tell you.
You begin to feel more energized as you become lighter and more regular, so an increase in activity comes automatically. Sleep improves as you begin to move and breathe much easier as a result of the lightening up of the body’s weight.
The responses are endless if you could see it from the cellular level too.

In summary, the domino effect of the small habits that you put in each day, are the answer to building new habits for long-term normals, and a better you.

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