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What Makes Coaching the Missing Link for Next-Level Results

What I understand from my own life experience, is that people need coaching.
I have goals galore. I work hard and expect results for my efforts. I struggle because very often I hit a low because I am either pushing too hard and then crashing or am not putting effort into the right areas to get maximal results, winding up spinning around in exhaustive circles and never really taking off. My own thinking is usually the block, especially when I think I know everything about the how, when the only thing I have to know is the why.

I have a weekly meeting with my coach to help me to keep my thoughts together, those thoughts which always stop me, and get negative ideas out of the way. The energy that I gain from this short half an hour every week is exponential. My own inspiration about what made me want to begin a particular aim is all I need to be reminded of, for someone else to reorient me towards that vision that keeps the goal alive, and helps me to keep pushing.

Putting the thinking into the hands of a coach and staying outside of my own head, was the missing link to closing in on that last 1% of my results. We need newness, fresh eyes to see through fatigue and frustration. Pure energy comes from that place of freshness and limitless insight. It always happens in your mind first.

What I understand is that people need coaching. To position yourself for a change that will give you results you’ve never had before, you need to be outsourcing your mind power. We all want results that we can maintain… and lasting results can only come from a change in your mindset.

Your success is all about the way you are thinking about your behaviours, your abilities and your potential. Get outside of your head, get “help”, and watch your results take off.

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