We provide over 50 varieties of delicious protein foods ranging from nutritious shakes, delicious meal replacement entrees, bars and chips, all of which are portion and calorie controlled to help you reach your goal weight. Our simple programme is a proven pathway to cause fat loss.

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The Road To Control

Pounds on a scale are just numbers. Truly meaningless apart from a representation of science, scale weight is not personal. The meaning we give the number takes away all of our power, the result is you end up feeling powerless, hopeless and utterly out of control to a problem that seems to either recur or is spiralling.

Try this on.

If science can accumulate calories and place them on your body as stored energy, why can’t that energy be used up? If it’s just science, wouldn’t that just be a matter of getting the formula right? This formula can be reversed, it has been proven.

It’s Not Personal!

Once you can remove emotion from the number on the scale, and understand that none of it means anything about you as a person, disassociate the failure stories and realize that it is all up to us to remove the attachment to the meaning of the number, and just apply the right formula for success.

Leave the formula to us! We have already worked out your winning formula. We have curated a plan that hits a weight loss target of 12-15 pounds every month, proven over and over by more than 2,500 people.

If you are still struggling, book yourself into a 15 minute consultation and bring your best self back!

The steps we take are always moving us either closer towards our goals or further away. Every step makes a difference. Find out more about coaching with me for all weight loss methods because if you are alone in your journey, you will probably talk yourself off the route. Take action by enrolling someone outside of your head to get you back on track.

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