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To Start Or Not To Start

The most common dilemma when considering making any big changes in our lives is always that daunting, staring down the edge of the start date. Our thoughts create an image of pain ahead and our bodies go tense. This is enough to take you straight out of your intention, the long dreary vision of the grievous and long fight ahead taking centre stage. Watch those thoughts.

In any situation, making significant changes are only ever possible as a result of a series of consistent smaller changes. The change is not rocket science, it is the consistency that brings up fear of failure. To view the long road ahead and the bigger goal is the sure way to quit, but to bring it back down to the day can be much easier to swallow. You can’t lose twenty pounds by next week, but you sure can do the hardest thing that you have to do today, and that might just be to gather information on your plan to lose it, so you can then plan a start date. The next day you will take the next step and purchase, the next day, the supermarket list then getting to the market and putting the foods that you will need to have on hand into your home, and so on.

Take a note of the thoughts and ask yourself if the fear that you have is relevant to the day you are having them. Your actions can only be what they can be today, the fear of doing anymore than that is simply not rational. Once you can distinguish the difference, then you are that much closer to your start date.

Self-awareness is power. Take over and begin your journey now, it’s already possible… you just need to catch up to the new you.

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